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mmmm vegan food

i eat too much

February 2nd, 2008

(no subject) @ 07:38 pm

since last time i started trying to make more RAW foods.  its going alright.  here is the first RAW foods thing i made... avocado soup created by ani phyo, which was really filling and yummy.

after michael came home, we went back to eating mostly cooked vegan food, but we decided to try and buy less foods that have chemicals.  so thats good! 

heres a fucking awesome omelet from fat free vegan - http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2007/09/vegan-omelette-for-one.html

it was amazing and easy.  we filled it with spinach, onions and beef crumbles.  the big difference between this and our regular eggs is that it uses silken tofu! that idea had not even crossed my mind.  thats how it gets to the consistancy of eggs, regular tofu just stays crumbly, but silken turns into a thick liquid.  this was just awesome.  i made some feta cheese this week for a greek salad and want to try another omelet with some feta!  yum

michael and i have also been drinking green smoothies almost every week day morning.  theyre awesome and keep me energized without having to resort to coffee, and i think its helping him to not drink so much coffee.  my kids at school always ask what im drinking, i say kale juice!  yummmm! and they all go  ewwwww.  its really funny.

now for the future!

alright.  i go on this message board at vegweb, well, not anymore, its moved, but anyways.  they have a cooking/baking battle once every couple of months and it looks super fun and i finally have a broad enough topic that im willing to give it a shot.  the theme this month is valentines.  so i was thinking of making a cake, my favorite cake... cheesecake.   i wanted it to be sensual, but look pure.  i want it to look all white, or maybe a light pink (from cherries possible) with a heart (possibly) sprinkled on top made out of cocao powder.

the cheesecake would be this. 

cream cheese
cherries blended with powdered sugar
turbinado sugar

i based it off of my favorite cheesecake recipe

the crust wil be

powdered sugar
oatmeal flour (oatmeal chopped up coarsely in the blender)
cocao powder

BUT!  before adding in the egg, i will reserve a cup or two of the crust, keeping it crumbly, maybe adding more margarine to keep it crumbly.  this will be in the filling.  the cake will be layered like this

crumbly chocolate crust stuff
fresh cherries
cocao powder

this is the closest i've gotten to making up a baked recipe.  so i'm super excited to see how it goes.
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Date:February 3rd, 2008 02:57 am (UTC)
I tried the raw food thing for a while too and enjoyed it while it lasted (so to speak). You actually get more phytochemicals from a lot of cooked veggies (such as tomatoes) than you do when they're not cooked. A balance of both raw and cooked foods is where da money izzzz.

That omelet looks wonderful!
And I'm totally stoked about that cheesecake you're making; I'm interested in seeing the results! My mom is making one for me for my birthday this week and I've been craving it for months. Sounds like yours will be great!

mmmm vegan food

i eat too much